Displaying Values

If you pass a value of type Conia\Boiler\Value to e/escape it will automatically be unwrapped before it is passed to htmlspecialchars.

Changing the arguments passed to htmlspecialchars

Wrapped values pass the flags ENT_QUOTES | ENT_SUBSTITUTE and the encoding UTF-8 when calling PHP's htmlspecialchars function internally. If you need to override these defaults use the template helper method e or its long form escape:

$this->e($value, ENT_NOQUOTES | ENT_HTML401, 'EUC-JP');
    value: $value, 
    flags: ENT_NOQUOTES | ENT_HTML401, 
    encoding: 'EUC-JP'

// or 
$this->escape($value, ENT_NOQUOTES | ENT_HTML401, 'EUC-JP');